multicast from Utah on vBNS

Kevin Thompson kthomp at
Mon Aug 23 07:55:57 CDT 1999

Richard and Bill,

Multicast routing state on the vBNS backbone looks good for Utah. I do not
see the 155.9 Utah source on the beacon group nor on

Let me know if I can help.


At 07:10 PM 8/22/99 -0700, Richard Coffey wrote:
>The appropriate network folks are probably predisposed with school starting
>next week. (A couple of items in the work queue have been taking a bit long
>than normal.) I'll send mail to the appropriate people.
>Richard ;-)
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>Subject: multicast from Utah on vBNS
>Kevin, Richard,
>Today I started getting a beacon report (see
> for the web page) from
> out at
>The report claims that the beacon at that address is receiving traffic from
>the Argonne, Boston, and Kentucky beacons.  However, neither Argonne,
>Boston nor Kentucky are receiving traffic from that beacon.
>Richard, please leave the beacon running while we debug this problem.
>Also, would you please point us to the appropriate network folks at Utah
>who can work with us to fix this?
>Kevin, are you getting anything from your peering at Utah?
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