multicast from Utah on vBNS

Richard Coffey richardc at
Sun Aug 22 21:10:02 CDT 1999

The appropriate network folks are probably predisposed with school starting
next week. (A couple of items in the work queue have been taking a bit long
than normal.) I'll send mail to the appropriate people.

Richard ;-)

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Kevin, Richard,

Today I started getting a beacon report (see for the web page) from out at

The report claims that the beacon at that address is receiving traffic from
the Argonne, Boston, and Kentucky beacons.  However, neither Argonne,
Boston nor Kentucky are receiving traffic from that beacon.

Richard, please leave the beacon running while we debug this problem.
Also, would you please point us to the appropriate network folks at Utah
who can work with us to fix this?

Kevin, are you getting anything from your peering at Utah?

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