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Thomas Uram turam at
Thu Feb 20 12:26:31 CST 2003

Hi Jennifer:

You might remember that we met at SC02.  I'm working on AG2 development 
at ANL.  

I made the following changes to the "getting started" doc, and attached 
a copy.  Also, I have the following questions:

- Did you have to install python and ActivePython?
- Encryption should be working; if it's not, please file a bug report.
- What kind of information is the VenueClient asking for in minimized 
windows?  That's definitely not intentional behavior.

* Changes
- Changed "Venue Client GUI" to "Node Management GUI" where you "Attach 
to Node" and "Add Host"
- Re-ordered "Node Management" and "Venue Client" sections:  the node 
should be
   configured before the venue client enters a venue, to avoid the problem
   of having to re-enter after configuring the node (so that comment has 
been removed.)

Thanks for putting this doc together.


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