Networking services

Ivan R. Judson judson at
Thu Feb 20 06:29:56 CST 2003

It's cool with me for both of these.  We have to walk a pretty thin wire
trying to get people to deploy multicast because it's the right thing and
building a system that can work even if multicast fails...

I've chatted with bill too and I was left with the impression we're on the
same page.


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> So I talked with Bill tonight. He'd like to be in the loop of 
> giving some suggestions as to what would be helpful for him 
> as a net admin to see in the new AG2. He also had some 
> concerns about AG2 being automatic tunneling aware. He 
> explained it to me and it sounded reasonable and generally 
> a-good-thing (tm).
> Also, he thought it might be helpful if he could give a short 
> multicast howto at the AG retreat. Just a basic highlevel of 
> what it is, how it works, and useful information when trying 
> to debug. What say you?
> And on another note, Caren expressed interest on attending 
> some of the retreat so she could get a feel for what the AG 
> is from the other side of the fence.
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