Networking services

Ti Leggett leggett at
Wed Feb 19 23:04:32 CST 2003

So I talked with Bill tonight. He'd like to be in the loop of giving
some suggestions as to what would be helpful for him as a net admin to
see in the new AG2. He also had some concerns about AG2 being automatic
tunneling aware. He explained it to me and it sounded reasonable and
generally a-good-thing (tm).

Also, he thought it might be helpful if he could give a short multicast
howto at the AG retreat. Just a basic highlevel of what it is, how it
works, and useful information when trying to debug. What say you?

And on another note, Caren expressed interest on attending some of the
retreat so she could get a feel for what the AG is from the other side
of the fence.

Ti Leggett <leggett at>

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