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> > Like Chris I now control my Gentner from the display machine rather than
> > wasting a complete PC just to control the Gentner. However I now find that
> > I never have to change the gentner settings unless I am using the telco
> > connection. Maybe this is because we have perminant mics instead of
> > desktop mics.
>We also have, in effect, permanent mics and mic positions.
>I like to have the APware system running if possible so that:
>(a)     I can mute or unmute mics as people join or leave the
>         meeting; in particular I have a gooseneck mic on the
>         operator's desk which is used mostly during testing
>         and then muted;
>(b)     If I need to change anything (levels, muting, even gating
>         if things get too noisy) I want to be able to do that in
>         APware so that the echo canceller knows about it, rather than
>         in RAT where it won't and echoes could result.  This is
>         especially useful if I find that a particular (local) speaker is
>         quieter or louder than the others - I can adjust his/her
>         mic without affecting the others.
>Useful to hear about your experience with dual mobos - thanks.
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