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List Description
Ad-dev For the developers of automatic differentiation software
adic This list is for the ADIC system developers only.
adic-users-list This list is for the users of ADIC
adifor Mailing list for ADIFOR developers.
adsm-reports ADSM reports archive
anno-clearinghouse Contact list for the Annotation Clearinghouse.
Announce MCS General Announcements
Argobots This list is for Argobots
Argonauts The Argo Project Crew
Atmospheric Atmospheric Discussion Group at Argonne National Laboratory
autodiff AD Group
Automated-io-bench [no description available]
bc Social list for those that need it.
bcfg-dev This list to is discuss the development of bcfg.
bgenroll to accept new consortium enrolment
biodb List for maintainers of MCS/FL bio databases
BOLT This list is for BOLT
cdigs-team CDIGS project discussion list
cgat-tech Technical support for the CGAT project
cgma-announce Announcements for CGM-Argonne
cgma-dev Developer information for cgma
chuckles Jokes and other humorous things.
Cloudcore [no description available]
Cobalt-dev Discussion for the development of Cobalt
codes-noloss-discuss Codes and NoLoss Projects
codes-ross-users [no description available]
Cookie-users Cookie users
Darshan-commits [no description available]
Darshan-users Darshan I/O characterization tool discussion
disc Argonne Ultimate Club Mailing List
Exaosr Exascale OSR research
ExM Exascale Many-Task Computing project
ExM-user User discussion for Swift/T and other ExM software
Fathom Maillist for the Fathom team.
Faxwatch Incoming faxes for CELS
fd-users This list still needs to be configured.
fl-core Private Futures Laboratory mailing list
fl-info FL Info mailing list
foam-users A forum for users of FOAM to exchange information, etc.
gpu-users Discussion about programming and using GPU clusters
i-wire-eng I-Wire list.
Imudi IMUDI organizers
Intel-mic-discuss Intel MIC users discussion ML
io-fwd-devel Developers list for the Scalable I/O Forwarding
Io-fwd-discuss High-volume development discussion for the Scalable I/O Forwarding
Jupiter-ops Alerts from Jupiter monitoring infrastructure
lans-council Forum for discussion of issues of importance to LANS
lans-postdocs Mailing list for LANS postdocs and predocs
linux-users mailing list for Linux users in MCS
mac-users Information for MCS MacOS users
mcs-supervisors lists all of the MCS Supervisors
mct-ann Announcements regarding the Model Coupling Toolkit
Meshkit-announce MeshKit announcements
Meshkit-dev Developer info for MeshKit mesh generation toolkit
moab-announce Announcements for MOAB mesh database library
moab-dev Developer correspondence for MOAB
Mochi-bootcamp-2019 [no description available]
mochi-devel [no description available]
parallel-netcdf the parallel-netcdf library
Parvis-ann Announcements for the ParVis project.
Parvis-users For users of Parivs-related software.
Performance LANS Performance Group
petsc-announce Announcements of PETSc software
petsc-dev For users of the development version of PETSc
Petsc-trilinos-discussion PETSc Trilinos discussions
petsc-users PETSc users list
postdocs A list of e-mail addresses for MCS/CLS/LCF postdoctoral appointees.
radix The Radix Lab mailing list
radix-core list of permanent members of radix group
SDS-CLA Contributor License Agreement submissions for the SDS project.
seed-tech User/support group for SEED
Seedtk-devel Communication to and between SEEDtk Developers.
Seedtk-users User forum for SEEDtk
seminars Announcement list on upcoming seminars in MCS.
sharp-dev Simulation of High Accuracy Reactor Project
sieve-dev Discussion list for Sieve development
srmpds List for workshop on resource management
Swift-commit [no description available]
Swift-devel Development of the Swift parallel scripting language
Swift-user User community discussion list for the Swift parallel scripting language
tao-news Update TAO users on new features and releases.
userbase-dev developer discussion list for the next generation userbase
wit3_development_team WIT developers and users interaction
zeptoos ZeptoOS developers

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