[Swift-user] floor(), ceil() and round() issues with v0.8.0

Timothy Stitt (TGAC) Timothy.Stitt at tgac.ac.uk
Sun Jul 26 14:59:57 CDT 2015

Dear Swift/T developers & users,

I've been recompiling a Swift/T script in v0.8.0 (which worked in previous versions) but its failing to compile at the line involving the floor() command. The error I'm seeing is:

stc error:
test.swift:7:6: Cannot assign to t: LVal has type int but RVal has type float

I know that this worked fine in previous versions so I tried to compile with the trivial example below and I get the same error:

import math;
import io;
import sys;

 int t = floor(7.8);

I substituted floor() for ceil() and round() and got the same error. Is there something wrong with the math library or am I doing something really stupid that I can't see.




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