[Swift-user] Query regarding optimal configuration in Swift for running code in Midway.

kushal kumar dey kshldey at gmail.com
Fri Jan 9 10:19:07 CST 2015


I am a graduate student in the University of Chicago and I am currently
trying to run a parallel script using Swift-lang on the Midway cluster. I
need your help regarding optimally choosing the configuration to run my
program.  I am running 100 parallel scripts at a time in the "bigmem"
machine, and each task takes around *5 hours *to complete. I have been
asked in the Swift Configuration file (the program I am using to run these
parallel scripts)  to set the following in the configuration file

max Nodes per Job :
tasks per Node:
max Job time:  (This I am setting as 36 hours currently)
max Wall time : (this i am setting as 34 hours right now)
max Parallel Task
Initial Parallel Task

Can you please let me know what numbers I should be putting in these
options so that I can optimally run my 100 jobs in parallel and given that
each of these tasks takes around 5 hours, whether it would be possible to
complete all the 100 tasks in 36 hours?

If you could give me the optimal configuration or at least give some
intuition about how to fix it, it would be really helpful..This is the
first time I am running jobs in parallel, so I have very little idea about

Thanks a lot

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