[Swift-user] Question re: reliance on proxy cert

Mihael Hategan hategan at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Jan 18 12:43:40 CST 2012

On Wed, 2012-01-18 at 12:33 -0600, Thomas Uram wrote:
> I'm using coasters with ssh:pbs and have the proper bits in
> ~/.ssh/auth.defaults to support authentication, but when I run the
> script it fails due to a missing or expired proxy cert:


> Why does it fail when an alternative authentication mechanism is
> available that would succeed? Is there an option to control this?

It fails because while ssh is used to start the coaster service
executable, the connection between client and service is secured by

This model was just peachy in the Globus scenario, where you would need
a proxy anyway to start the service and delegation could be used to
supply credentials to the coaster service.

Not so much with ssh. I've been thinking about a way to deal with this,
and I think I'm leaning towards some shared secret that could be used as
a one-time authentication token by the service. The problem is making
sure that whatever provider is used to communicate said secret to the
service remains a secret (i.e. passing it on any command line is out of
the question). But that seems to require the use of an encrypted file
transfer provider, which breaks the abstraction we have a bit, so it
might require more changes than I want to see.

So suggestions are welcome.


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