[Swift-user] Can swift run multiple MPI jobs on a Cray XE6 node?

Justin M Wozniak wozniak at mcs.anl.gov
Sat Sep 10 12:57:20 CDT 2011

The best way to do this on the Cray is still to use aprun directly from 
Swift in the local provider (although I heard you were having problems 
with the current aprun installation on Beagle).  The new MPICH/Coasters 
features do not provide much to help with this but I am currently working 
on relevant improvements, and this is a use case that we would like to 

On Fri, 9 Sep 2011, Lorenzo Pesce wrote:

> Hi --

> If I use qsub + aprun, I can't run more than one MPI job with more than 
> one process per node (I can run multiple openMP jobs). Or at least 
> nobody seems to know how to do that of the people I have talked to.
> Supposed that I want to send a series of 8 node MPI jobs. I could 
> conceivably put three per node (whether or not this is a good idea is a 
> different story) if aprun would support it, but it doesn't seem to. Can 
> swift?
> Lorenzo
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Justin M Wozniak

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