[Swift-user] [Swift]Cancelling Job Issues

Weiyang Wang frank.wang04 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 10 01:10:12 CDT 2011


In recent several runs using SWIFT I've notice a frequent problem (which
does not occur each time) when SWIFT scheduler is canceling the last active

I'm using PADS and SWIFT-0.92.1, previous stable also share this problem.

I submitted hundreds to thousands of jobs at a time, the job are finished
well until it goes to the very last step --  the time point I have no
"Selecting Site" "Submitted" or "Stage In" status jobs, so SWIFT's status
the the screen is like
"Active: 24 Stage Out: xxx Finished Successfully: xxx Failed But Can Retry:
at this step the last job is cancelled despite there's still remaining
Active jobs.

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