[Swift-user] ACM ScienceCloud2011 is 3 days away -- final program is online

Ioan Raicu iraicu at cs.iit.edu
Sun Jun 5 09:44:59 CDT 2011

Dear all,
We just wanted to bring to your attention that ScienceCloud2011 is only 
3 days away, and will take place on Wednesday, June 8th, from 9AM to 
5PM, in San Jose California, co-located with HPDC 2011, and the FCRC 
2011 conferences.

We have posted the final program online at 
http://www.cs.iit.edu/~iraicu/ScienceCloud2011/program.htm; note that we 
already posted the paper PDF files, and we will post the slides in the 
coming days.

We have an exciting keynote given by Dr. Ion Stoica on "Mesos: A 
Platform for Fine-Grained Resource Sharing in the Data Center". Dr. 
Stoica is an Associate Professor in the EECS Department at University of 
California at Berkeley, where he does research on cloud computing and 
networked computer systems. He is also the co-founder of Conviva, a 
startup to commercialize technologies for large scale video distribution.

You will find 8 exciting talks that span industry (Yahoo, Microsoft), 
government labs (LBNL, ANL, JPL), and academia (UCBerkeley, USC, 
UWashington, CalTech, UVirginia, UCSB). The list of presentations are:
1. The Case for Being Lazy: How to Leverage Lazy Evaluation in MapReduce
2. Debunking some Common Misconceptions of Science in the Cloud
3. Experiences Using Cloud Computing for A Scientific Workflow Application
4. Cumulus: Open Source Storage Cloud for Science
5. Adaptive Rate Stream Processing for Smart Grid Applications on Clouds
6. An Automated Approach to Cloud Storage Service Selection
7. Magellan: Experiences from a Science Cloud
8. Neptune: A Domain Specific Language for Deploying HPC Software on 
Cloud Platforms

For more information about the workshop, please visit 
http://www.cs.iit.edu/~iraicu/ScienceCloud2011/. We look forward to 
seeing you at the workshop!

Ioan Raicu, Pete Beckman, Ian Foster & Yogesh Simmhan
ScienceCloud2011 Co-Chairs & Program Chair

Ioan Raicu, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT)
Guest Research Faculty, Argonne National Laboratory (ANL)
Data-Intensive Distributed Systems Laboratory, CS/IIT
Distributed Systems Laboratory, MCS/ANL
Cel:    1-847-722-0876
Office: 1-312-567-5704
Email:  iraicu at cs.iit.edu
Web:    http://www.cs.iit.edu/~iraicu/
Web:    http://datasys.cs.iit.edu/

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