[Swift-user] swift syntax problem (please ignore the previous one )

yizhu yizhu at cs.uchicago.edu
Fri May 29 13:23:33 CDT 2009


In order to let swift write output to another directory rather than 
currently running location, we can use  simple_mapper with location 
parameter like
"<simple_mapper; location ="/mnt/s3", prefix="foobar", suffix=".txt">,

but if I want to use regexp_mapper, since there is no 'location' 
parameter available for regexp_mapper, 
how can i sort it out?

For example, In this case, every files with prefix "data" and suffix 
".txt" at location "/mnt/testdata/1024Kdir" will be map to inputfiles[] 
array, and for each running of loop, the  regexp_mapper will modify the 
".txt" to 'swift xxx.swift' command), so how can i specify a output 
location other than the default/current one?

Many Thanks.


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