[Swift-user] mixing gram execution and local filesystem providers

Ben Clifford benc at hawaga.org.uk
Mon Feb 2 14:01:11 CST 2009

embedded deep in that log file is:

> STDOUT: Could not find a valid java executable

Have a read over Mike (Wilde)'s emails over the past few days about 
running on teraport and getting Java paths working - there are some notes 
in there.

It looks like you're getting different paths when you submit through the 
pbs provider vs submitting through GRAM2 - with direct PBS, likely giving 
you Java and with GRAM, not giving you Java.

This is something that needs some user interface improvements on, so this 
will all be quite rough at the moment, but your experiences are pretty 
useful for helping iron this out.

It looks like that coaster error needs to find its way into console output 
rather than being deep in the log files.

The way in which Java is found needs some more configurability too...


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