[Swift-user] max number of jobs?

Glen Hocky hockyg at uchicago.edu
Thu Apr 23 14:43:00 CDT 2009

Ah, I do intend to try running under ranger but the one main reason I 
haven't is I'm trying to run from a single location (a ci machine) 
because it's easier to keep managed that way.

I'm running in the normal queue, but all of my jobs are 16 node, the 
reason for that I think is that there is no way to get larger block 
allocations as was being discussed a few weeks ago. I would be better 
off w/ larger because I'm sure the wait time is the same for 16 or 32 or 

Ioan Raicu wrote:
> I can't help with the Swift or coaster settings, but don't forget that 
> Falkon is also installed on Ranger, and you can use it the same way 
> that you use it on intrepid. I have yet to do extremely large runs on 
> ranger to see how well things scale, but you might want to give Falkon 
> a try as well.
> Also, I recall something about the development queue being limited to 
> 16 or 32 nodes. The normal queue, which allows larger allocations, 
> usually also has higher wait times. Coaster might be configured to use 
> the faster development queue, which has a limited number of nodes you 
> can use. You might want to look into changing the queue Swift/Coaster 
> submits the jobs to. Perhaps Mihael or others can offer details on how 
> to change the queue Swift will submit to.
> Ioan
> Glen Hocky wrote:
>> Hi everyone.
>> I was wondering if there is a cap on number of coasters or jobs in 
>> the queue on some machines. I've had a lot of success running on 
>> Ranger but I've never had more than 256 active jobs (i.e. 16x16) even 
>> with very high initial score and throttle settings.
>> Glen
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