[Swift-user] job waiting

Ben Clifford benc at hawaga.org.uk
Sun Apr 19 02:07:13 CDT 2009

On Sat, 18 Apr 2009, Yue, Chen - BMD wrote:

> Thanks for answering my question. This phenomena occur after half an 
> hour of execution. If all the jobs finish execution at original speed, 
> it would probably take not more than 40 min. How the system figure out 
> that some jobs will take more than 1 hour? Should I request more time 
> when I execute "grid-proxy-init"?

Not with grid-proxy-init. You can specify a parameter called maxwalltime 
in your sites file or your tc.data file that will tell Swift an upper 
bound on how long your job will run. In Swift 0.8, coasters assume 
something like 10 minutes if you do not specify a walltime, so you will 
run into trouble.

For example, change the null at the end of your tc.data lines to 
globus::maxwalltime=50  to mean 50 minutes maxwalltime.

There has been work done on coasters since Swift 0.8, and so Mihael may 
have some other recommendations.

> I did not change the default throttles. How much is more appropriate? 
> The total number of jobs in my application typically run between 4000 
> and 30000 and typically each job can be finished within a couple of 
> minutes.

Where is your Swift installation? I would liek to look at it.


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