[Swift-user] Job bundles

Yuqing Deng deng at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Nov 6 11:46:56 CST 2007


 I am using swift to run workflow on login-abe.ncsa.teragrid.org at
ncsa.  Abe is allocated on node basis.  Each of the node has 8
computing cores.  My jobs are all serial.  What happens is that only
one jobs runs on one core per node.  It there a way to bundle jobs so
that 8 of them
could run simultaneously on a node?  I have tried to use
   <profile namespace="globus" key="xcount">8</profile>
   <profile namespace="globus" key="host_xcount">1</profile>
in the sites.xml file.  But doing that seems to run the same job eight
times on a node.



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