[petsc-users] help: use real and complex petsc together

Gong Ding gongding at cn.cogenda.com
Thu Mar 30 23:14:22 CDT 2023

Dear petsc developer,

We are considering use complex matrix for eigen value decomposition via 
slepc will keep DC/Tran simulation in real world.

We can, compiler each solver (AC, DC, Tran, etc) as dynamic library 
(.so), and load them by dlopen.

So, is it possible, each time we load a solver, which links to 
real/comples petsc,  to do the simulation. After that, we dlclose it and 
load next solver.

And another question is, we must keep MPI commnucator in the main code 
and call PetscInitialize/PetscFinalize in the so, it seems petsc support 
this mechanism, right?

Gong Ding

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