[petsc-users] Restarting a SLEPC run to refine an eigenvector

LUTSKO James Jim.Lutsko at ulb.be
Tue Mar 28 10:32:37 CDT 2023

 I am a complete newbe so sorry if this is answered elsewhere or ill-posed but .. I am trying to get the smallest eigenvector of a  large matrix. Since the calculations are very long, I would like to be able to restart my code if I find that the "converged" eigenvector is not good enough without having to start from scratch. I am currently using the options

-eps_type jd  -eps_monitor -eps_smallest_real -eps_conv_abs -eps_tol 1e-8 -st_ksp_type gmres -st_pc_type jacobi -st_ksp_max_it 40

Is there any way to do this? I have tried using EPSSetInitialSubspace with the stored eigenvector but this does not seem to work.


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