[petsc-users] How to use DM_BOUNDARY_GHOSTED for Dirichlet boundary conditions

Paul Grosse-Bley paul.grosse-bley at ziti.uni-heidelberg.de
Mon Feb 27 11:08:49 CST 2023


I would like to modify src/ksp/ksp/tutorials/ex45.c to implement Dirichlet boundary conditions using DM_BOUNDARY_GHOSTED instead of using DM_BOUNDARY_NONE and explicitly implementing the boundary by adding diagnonal-only rows.

My assumption was that with DM_BOUNDARY_GHOSTED all vectors from that DM have the extra memory for the ghost entries and that I can basically use DMDAGetGhostCorners instead of DMDAGetCorners to access the array gotten via DMDAVecGetArray. But when I access (gxs, gys, gzs) = (-1,-1,-1) I get a segmentation fault. When looking at the implementation of DMDAVecGetArray it looked to me as if accessing (-1, -1, -1) should work as DMDAVecGetArray passes the ghost corners to VecGetArray3d which then adds the right offsets.

I could not find any example using DM_BOUNDARY_GHOSTED and then actually accessing the ghost/boundary elements. Can I assume that they are set to zero for the solution vector, i.e. the u=0 on \del\Omega and I do not need to access them at all?

Paul Große-Bley
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