[petsc-users] Using real build of Hypre with Complex Build of PETSc

Lucas Banting bantingl at myumanitoba.ca
Wed Sep 28 19:48:22 CDT 2022


My application involves the complex-valued curl-curl equation.
I use the complex build of PETSc, but would like to try HYPRE AMS as a real preconditioner, in the same way as this paper describes: https://www.research-collection.ethz.ch/bitstream/handle/20.500.11850/103394/geo2015-0013.1.pdf?sequence=2
My understanding of PETSc is that I can not mix complex and real scalars. Is there a way I can assemble a parallel, real valued matrix, from my complex PETSc matrix and use it with HYPRE?

I understand that I can do this by using a real build of PETSc (like MFEM does), but would prefer to keep using the complex build of PETSc as that is what the rest of my application uses.


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