[petsc-users] error with version 3.17.1

Mark Adams mfadams at lbl.gov
Tue May 3 14:37:39 CDT 2022

> Are you saying that now you have to explicitly set each 3x3 dense block,
> even if they are not used and that was not the case before?
> That was always the case before, you may have misinterpreted the meaning
> of a Mat block size?

Actually block size is really more of a hint in that you don't have to set
3x3 dense blocks and thus any AIJ matrix can have any block size
At least that is my understanding.
There is a CI test that has sparse blocks and I ran into this issue with
GAMG optimizations.
(I had to add complicated code that Pierre actually found a bug in.)

I don't know what changed in PETSc to make ASM fail for you, but if
MatConvert and ASM fail then PETSc is broken and always has been.

I did not follow this whole thread, but Randall could you change your code
to add dense blocks or not use block size?
Sorry, but I just don't think we should support this (Pierre seems to think
that we do not) and we should "depreciate" this.
This needs to be discussed of course.

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