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Arne Morten Kvarving Arne.Morten.Kvarving at sintef.no
Fri Jun 3 08:09:13 CDT 2022


I have a Chorin pressure correction solver with consistent pressure update, i.e.
pressure solve is based on the Schur complement

E = -A10*ainv(A00)*A01

with A10 = divergence, A00 the mass matrix and A01 the gradient.

I have had this implemented with petsc for a long time and it's working fine. However, I've done the schur-complement manually, ie using a MatShell.

I now wanted to see if I can implement this using the petsc facilities for the schur-complement, but I get a confusing error when I call MatSchurComplementGetPmat().


Code snippet:

 MatCreateSchurComplement(m_blocks[0], m_blocks[0], m_blocks[1], m_blocks[2], nullptr, &E_operator);
< ... setup the ksp for A00 >
 MatSchurComplementSetAinvType(E_operator, MAT_SCHUR_COMPLEMENT_AINV_DIAG);
MatSchurComplementGetPmat(E_operator, MAT_INITIAL_MATRIX, &E_pc);


This yields the output (I cut out the matrix elements):
Mat Object: 1 MPI processes
  type: schurcomplement
  Schur complement A11 - A10 inv(A00) A01
  A11 = 0
    Mat Object: 1 MPI processes
      type: seqaij
 KSP of A00
    KSP Object: 1 MPI processes
      type: preonly
      maximum iterations=1000, initial guess is zero
      tolerances:  relative=1e-06, absolute=1e-20, divergence=1e+06
      left preconditioning
      using DEFAULT norm type for convergence test
    PC Object: 1 MPI processes
      type: lu
        out-of-place factorization
        tolerance for zero pivot 2.22045e-14
        matrix ordering: nd
        factor fill ratio given 5., needed 1.02768
          Factored matrix follows:
            Mat Object: 1 MPI processes
              type: seqaij
              rows=72, cols=72
              package used to perform factorization: petsc
              total: nonzeros=4752, allocated nonzeros=4752
                using I-node routines: found 22 nodes, limit used is 5
      linear system matrix = precond matrix:
      Mat Object: 1 MPI processes
        type: seqaij
        rows=72, cols=72
        total: nonzeros=4624, allocated nonzeros=5184
        total number of mallocs used during MatSetValues calls=0
          using I-node routines: found 24 nodes, limit used is 5
    Mat Object: 1 MPI processes
      type: seqaij

[0]PETSC ERROR: --------------------- Error Message --------------------------------------------------------------
[0]PETSC ERROR: Invalid argument
[0]PETSC ERROR: Wrong type of object: Parameter # 1
[0]PETSC ERROR: See https://petsc.org/release/faq/ for trouble shooting.
[0]PETSC ERROR: Petsc Release Version 3.17.2, Jun 02, 2022
[0]PETSC ERROR: ../d/bin/Stokes on a linux-gnu-cxx-opt named akvalung by akva Fri Jun  3 14:48:06 2022
[0]PETSC ERROR: Configure options --with-mpi=0 --with-lapack-lib=-llapack --with-64-bit-indices=0 --with-shared-libraries=0 --COPTFLAGS=-O3 --CXXOPTFLAGS=-O3 --FOPTFLAGS=-O3 --with-blas-lib=-lblas --CFLAGS=-fPIC --CXXFLAGS=-fPIC --FFLAGS=-fPIC
[0]PETSC ERROR: #1 MatDestroy() at /home/akva/kode/petsc/petsc-3.17.2/src/mat/interface/matrix.c:1235
[0]PETSC ERROR: #2 MatCreateSchurComplementPmat() at /home/akva/kode/petsc/petsc-3.17.2/src/ksp/ksp/utils/schurm/schurm.c:763
[0]PETSC ERROR: #3 MatSchurComplementGetPmat_Basic() at /home/akva/kode/petsc/petsc-3.17.2/src/ksp/ksp/utils/schurm/schurm.c:785
[0]PETSC ERROR: #4 MatSchurComplementGetPmat() at /home/akva/kode/petsc/petsc-3.17.2/src/ksp/ksp/utils/schurm/schurm.c:835

where the errors come from the call call to obtain the preconditioner matrix.
I don't see what I've done wrong, as far as I can see it's all following https://petsc.org/release/docs/manualpages/KSP/MatCreateSchurComplement.html#MatCreateSchurComplement
MatCreateSchurComplement - Argonne National Laboratory<https://petsc.org/release/docs/manualpages/KSP/MatCreateSchurComplement.html#MatCreateSchurComplement>
Notes The Schur complement is NOT explicitly formed! Rather, this function returns a virtual Schur complement that can compute the matrix-vector product by using formula S = A11 - A10 A^{-1} A01 for Schur complement S and a KSP solver to approximate the action of A^{-1}.. All four matrices must have the same MPI communicator.


Looking into the code it seems to try to call MatDestroy() for the Sp matrix but as Sp has not been set up it fails (schurm.c:763)
Removing that call as a test, it seems to succeed and I get the same solution as I do
with my manual code.

I'm sure I have done something stupid but I cannot see what, so any pointers would be appreciated.



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