[petsc-users] problem with spack instaler (trilinos link)

FOURMONT Axel axel.fourmont at cea.fr
Tue Jan 25 08:05:17 CST 2022

Dear PETSc developers,

First of all thank you for your work!

I try to use the spack tool to install petsc with mumps: spack install petsc+mumps~hdf5 (with the good version for compilers). All is OK, PETSc works fine.
But now, I want acces to ML preconditioner, so I need install a PETSc version with trilinos: spack install petsc+mumps+trilinos~hdf5

The compilation fails (in the check phase), I notices 2 things:
petsc links on trilinos/lib64 but the directory path is lib
I make a symbolic link: ln -s trilinos/lib trilinos/lib64 to try solve it
Also there is an error with the definition of Zoltan_Create()

Can you help me please?

I attach the configure.log.
I use the last spack release v0.17.1 and
ubuntu 20.04 with gcc-10 gfortran-10, openmpi 4.0.3 from apt instaler


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