[petsc-users] set MUMPS OOC_TMPDIR

Sam Guo sam.guo at cd-adapco.com
Mon Feb 28 18:34:01 CST 2022

Hi Barry,
   I can only call  PetscOptionsSetValue before PetscInitialize() but I
call PetscInitialize only once at the beginning of my program. I want to
change MUMPS OOC_TMPDIR dynamically on the fly.


On Mon, Feb 28, 2022 at 1:34 PM Barry Smith <bsmith at petsc.dev> wrote:

>   You can call PetscOptionsSetValue("-mat_mumps_ooc_tmpdir","directory");
> anytime before the KSP/PCSetUp() is called. If you have multiple uses of
> MUMPs solvers you can call this between each use so that a different
> directory is used for different MUMPS usage.
>   Barry
> On Feb 28, 2022, at 2:22 PM, Sam Guo <sam.guo at cd-adapco.com> wrote:
> Dear PETSc dev team,
>    I would like to set MUMPS OOC_TMPDIR programmatically on fly (instead
> of statically using PetscOptionsString
> <https://petsc.org/main/docs/manualpages/Sys/PetscOptionsString.html#PetscOptionsString>
> ("-mat_mumps_ooc_tmpdir", "out of core directory", "None",
> mumps->id.ooc_tmpdir, mumps->id.ooc_tmpdir, sizeof(mumps->id.ooc_tmpdir),
> NULL);). It seems there is such an API, am I correct?
> Thanks,
> Sam
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