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On Thu, Feb 17, 2022 at 11:46 AM Bojan Niceno <
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> Dear all,
> I am experiencing difficulties when using PETSc in parallel in an
> unstructured CFD code.  It uses CRS format to store its matrices.  I use
> the following sequence of PETSc call in the hope to get PETSc solving my
> linear systems in parallel.  Before I continue, I would just like to say
> that the code is MPI parallel since long time ago, and performs its own
> domain decomposition through METIS, and it works out its communication
> patterns which work with its home-grown (non-PETSc) linear solvers.
> Anyhow, I issue the following calls:
> err = PetscInitialize(0, NULL, (char*)0, help);
> err = MatCreate(MPI_COMM_WORLD, A);
> In the above, I use MPI_COMM_WORLD instead of PETSC_COMM_SELF because the
> call to MPI_Init is invoked outside of PETSc, from the main program.
> err = MatSetSizes(A, m, m, M, M);
> Since my matrices are exclusively square, M is set to the total number of
> computational cells, while m is equal to the number of computational cells
> within each subdomain/processor.  (Not all processors necessarily have the
> same m, it depends on domain decomposition.)  I do not distinguish between
> m (M) and n (N) since matrices are all square.  Am I wrong to assume that?
> err = MatSetType(A, MATAIJ);
> I set the matrix to be of type MATAIJ, to cover runs on one and on more
> processors.  By the way, on one processors everything works fine
> err = MatMPIAIJSetPreallocation(A, 0, d_nnz, 0, o_nnz);
> err = MatSeqAIJSetPreallocation(A, 0, d_nnz);
> The two lines above specify matrix preallocation.  Since d_nz and o_nz
> vary from cell to cell (row to row), I set them to zero and provide arrays
> with number of diagonal and off diagonal zeroes instead.  To my
> understanding, that is legit since d_nz and o_nz are neglected if d_nnz and
> o_nnz are provided.  Am I wrong?
> Finally, inside a loop through rows and columns I call:
> err = MatSetValue(A, row, col, value, INSERT_VALUES);
> Here I make sure that row and col point to global cell (unknown) numbers.
> Yet, when I run the code on more than one processor, I get the error:
> [3]PETSC ERROR: --------------------- Error Message
> --------------------------------------------------------------
> [3]PETSC ERROR: Argument out of range
> [3]PETSC ERROR: New nonzero at (21,356) caused a malloc
> off this check
> [3]PETSC ERROR: #1 MatSetValues_MPIAIJ() at
> /home/niceno/Development/petsc-debug/src/mat/impls/aij/mpi/mpiaij.c:517
> [3]PETSC ERROR: #2 MatSetValues() at
> /home/niceno/Development/petsc-debug/src/mat/interface/matrix.c:1398
> [3]PETSC ERROR: #3 MatSetValues_MPIAIJ() at
> /home/niceno/Development/petsc-debug/src/mat/impls/aij/mpi/mpiaij.c:517
> [3]PETSC ERROR: #4 MatSetValues() at
> /home/niceno/Development/petsc-debug/src/mat/interface/matrix.c:1398
> and so forth, for roughly 10% of all matrix entries.  I checked if these
> errors occur only for off-diagonal parts of the matrix entries, but that is
> not the case.
> Error code is 63; PETSC_ERR_ARG_OUTOFRANGE
> Does anyone have an idea what am I doing wrong?  Is any of my assumptions
> above (like thinking n(N) is always m(M) for square matrices, that I can
> send zeros as d_nz and o_nz if I provide arrays d_nnz[] and o_nnz[] wrong?

That is correct.

> Any idea how to debug it, where to look for an error?
I would guess that you are counting your o_nnz  incorrectly. It looks like
a small number of equations per process because the 4th process has row 21,
apparently. Does that sound right?

And column 356 is going to be in the off-diagonal block (ie, "o").  I would
start with a serial matrix and run with -info. This will be noisy but you
will see things like"number of unneeded..." that you can verify that you
have set d_nnz perfectly (there should be 0 unneeded).
Then try two processors. If it fails you could a print statement in
everytime the row (eg, 21) is added to and check what your code for
computing o_nnz is doing.

I am carefully checking all the data I send to PETSc functions and looks
> correct to me, but maybe I lack some fundamental understanding of what
> should be provided to PETSc, as I write above?

It is a bit confusing at first. The man page gives a concrete example

>     Best regards,
>     Bojan Niceno
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