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> Dear developers,
> I have a mesh with topological dimension 2 (with triangular faces)
> embedded in a 3D space stored in a hdf5 file. This file contains the
> coordinates (x,y,z) of each vertex and also, it contains a list of vertices
> that make each element. I was able to read the mesh into a DMPlex using DMPlexCreateFromFile
> (without interpolation, i.e. interpolate=PETSC_FALSE ). When I do this,
> the elements are stored at stratum height 0 and the vertices are stored at
> stratum height 1 (as checked via DMPlexGetHeightStratum). However, when I
> interpolate the mesh (interpolate=PETSC_TRUE), it seems that some
> entities are created in stratum height 2 and 3. From my understanding of
> DMPlex, this should not happen for 2D elements because there are edges but
> no 3D cells.
> Does DMPlex assume that the mesh in 3D has a topological dimension 3 and
> is it possible to use 2D mesh embeded in 3D space?
No, the coordinate dimension should not affect the topological dimension.
Can you send me the mesh you want to read? It would be best to send the
one that fails.



> Best regards
> François Fillion-Gourdeau, PhD

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