[petsc-users] 3.16.4 amd blis libflame linking problem

Anton Popov popov at uni-mainz.de
Fri Feb 4 10:35:10 CST 2022

Hi Satish,

I just discovered that PETSc 3.16.4 fails to link against the latest AMD 
BLIS and LibFLAME libraries on a Linux box.

You set a value for --with-blas-lib=<lib> and --with-lapack-lib=<lib>, 
but ['/opt/amd/amd-blis-3.1.0/lib/lp64/libblis.a'] and 
['/opt/amd/amd-libflame-3.1.0/lib/lp64/libflame.a'] cannot be used

My previous experience with 3.9.4 on the same system was fully 
successful. Looking in the configure logs (attached) reveals small 
difference in the linking compared to 3.9.4

Could you please make a guess what went wrong?

Best regards,

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