[petsc-users] cannot open source file "petsc.h"

Evstafyeva,Tamara te307 at cam.ac.uk
Thu Feb 3 11:22:16 CST 2022

To whom it may concern,

I am using a code that utilizes some of the PETSC capabilities. After configuring and installing PETSC on a cluster, I have set my environment variables $PETSC_DIR and $PETSC_ARCH. The code using PETSC compiles using GNUMakefile and so using instructions on the website and in Makefile.user I added the following lines to the make file:

include ${PETSC_DIR}/lib/petsc/conf/variables

include ${PETSC_DIR}/lib/petsc/conf/rules

include ${PETSC_DIR}/lib/petsc/conf/test

petsc.pc := $(PETSC_DIR)/$(PETSC_ARCH)/lib/pkgconfig/petsc.pc

When compiling the code I get that the head files of PETSC are not recognized:

catastrophic error: cannot open source file "petsc.h"

This seems like a trivial problem, however I cannot seem to figure out what exactly went wrong. I’d expect this cannot be installation problem, and most likely the linking? I would really appreciate some direction on this problem.

Thank you,


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