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On Fri, Aug 12, 2022 at 2:21 AM Quynh Nguyen <nguyenquynh9537 at gmail.com>

> Dear petsc developers and users,
> I am a new petsc user ^_^.
> I have some questions about using DMDA_BOUNDARY_GHOSTED.
> 1. I have 2D Poisson code with domain (nx, ny), and I used
> DMDA_BOUNDARY_NONE, then the size of the matrix is (nx*ny)X(nx*ny). *what
> is the size of the matrix if I used  DMDA_BOUNDARY_GHOSTED? is it the same

Yes, the matrix should be the same size, but local vectors have extra ghost
node slots.

> 2. if the matrix size of DMDA_BOUNDARY_GHOSTED isn't the same as
> DMDA_BOUNDARY_NONE, *how i can view the matrix including ghost points*? I
> ask this one because I used MatView(P, PETSC_VIEWER_STDOUT_WORLD) to show
> the matrix but excluded ghost points.

Ghost nodes are there so that stencil operations on local vectors work at
boundaries. You fill in the slots with boundary information.



> I hope someone can explain my wonder :)
> P/S: maybe, those question is simple and a bit stupid ^_^.
> Have a nice day,
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