[petsc-users] How to construct DMPlex of cells with different topological dimension?

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> Dear all,
> As a practitioner of structural mechanics, I modestly wish to support
> Yuan's argument. Model mixing, and consequently finite element dimension
> mixing, is (perhaps unfortunately) an inescapable practice of this
> engineering field. This has consequences not only on the nature of the
> meshes we use but also on the quasi-systematic recourse to linear relations
> (also named multipoints constraints, MPC) between the degrees of freedom of
> the different models (for example, linking a shell to a 3D part requires to
> write kinematic connections between displacements and rotations).
> DMPlex handling such meshes would be a really great contribution for the
> structural mechanics community.


>From my point of view, this is supported, so it would be good to understand
what you do not think is supported:

1) Multiple models

     This is supported in the sense that you can use any data layout, and
assemble any system you want into it. You can use
     beams along edges and shells on faces if you want. I have examples of
different equations in different pieces of the domain.

2) Mesh with pieces hanging off

     This is supported in the sense that you can input such a mesh. You
have to describe it completely, but it can be input and iterated over.

3) Mesh Interpolation

     If you only want to input vertices _and_ you want to input different
dimensional objects, you will have to write code. There is no way to guess
     what you mean from a collection of vertices. You could

     a) Directly  call GetRawFaces() to do the interpolation per cell
before input (seems easier)

     b) Rewrite the interpolation loop to check whether cell types have
been set and just call the appropriate interpolation if they have

I guess you are arguing that I should add the code for 3). Most people I
have interacted with use a mesh generator to make the meshes, so
I concentrated on importing those formats. Can meshes like these be made
with those generators?



> Best regards,
> Nicolas
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