[petsc-users] Open MPI library version error

Daniel Stone daniel.stone at opengosim.com
Tue May 11 04:22:12 CDT 2021


I have the following error:

PETSc Error --- Open MPI library version
FUJITSU MPI Library 4.0.0 (4.0.1fj4.0.0) does not match what PETSc was
compiled with 4.0, aborting

I have to configure and compile petsc in a cross compilation environment
and run it
in a different one. I'm trying to run src/snes/examples/tutorials/ex19 to
confirm things
are working.

It looks like this error could be down to some confusion with string
("4.0.0" =/= "4.0"), or it could be some nightmare misalignment between the
environments I have to use, and/or my efforts to configure PETSc. I'm
trying to
determine which.

Is there some way to turn off this version checking, to see if it is just a
string comparison
error and maybe the rest of the program will run fine? Or could someone
point me to where
in the source code/configuration scripts these numbers are harvested and
this error is generated, so I can try to get a better idea about what is
going on?


Daniel Stone
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