[petsc-users] download zlib error

Barry Smith bsmith at petsc.dev
Tue Jul 6 17:42:05 CDT 2021


   You can try what the configure error message should be suggesting (it is not clear if that is being printed to your screen or no).

ERROR: Unable to download package ZLIB from: http://www.zlib.net/zlib-1.2.11.tar.gz
* If URL specified manually - perhaps there is a typo?
* If your network is disconnected - please reconnect and rerun ./configure
* Or perhaps you have a firewall blocking the download
* You can run with --with-packages-download-dir=/adirectory and ./configure will instruct you what packages to download manually
* or you can download the above URL manually, to /yourselectedlocation/zlib-1.2.11.tar.gz
  and use the configure option:


> On Jul 6, 2021, at 4:29 PM, Mark Adams <mfadams at lbl.gov> wrote:
> I am getting some sort of error in build zlib on Spock at ORNL.
> Other libraries are downloaded and I am sure the network is fine.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks,
> Mark
> <configure.log>

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