[petsc-users] non-manifold DMPLEX

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Here you have the following "points":

- 1 3-cell (the cube volume)
- 7 2-cells (the 6 faces of the cube plus the extra one)
- 16 1-cells  (the 12 edges of the cube, plus 3 extra ones from the extra
face, plus the extra edge)
- 11 0-cells (the 8 vertices of the cube, pus 2 extra ones from the extra
face, plus the extra vertex)

You could encode your mesh as here, by directly specifying relationships
between these points in the Hasse diagram:

Then, maybe the special relation is captured because you've defined the
"cone" or "support" for each "point", which tells you about the local
topology everywhere. E.g. to take the simpler case, three of the faces have
the yellow edge in their "cone", or equivalently the yellow edge has those
three faces in its "support".

Am Fr., 10. Dez. 2021 um 17:04 Uhr schrieb TARDIEU Nicolas via petsc-users <
petsc-users at mcs.anl.gov>:

> Dear PETSc Team,
> Following a previous discussion on the mailing list, I'd like to
> experiment with DMPLEX with a very simple non-manifold mesh as shown in the
> attached picture : a cube connected to a square by an edge and to an edge
> by a point.
> I have read some of the papers that Matthew et al. have written, but I
> must admit that I do not see how to start...
> I see how the define the different elements but I do not see how to
> specify the special relationship between the cube and the square and
> between the cube and the edge.
> Once it will have been set correctly, what I am hoping is to be able to
> use all the nice features of the DMPLEX object.
> Best regards,
> Nicolas
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