[petsc-users] TSSetSaveTrajectory writes massive files

Zane Charles Jakobs Zane.Jakobs at colorado.edu
Mon Apr 5 13:13:56 CDT 2021

Hi PETSc devs,

I'm using TSAdjoint and TAO to solve an optimization problem involving a
very simple two-variable ODE, but I've noticed that at each time step,
thanks to TSSetSaveTrajectory(), the TS saves an approximately 1MB file.
This is turning into a problem for me if I want to use a small timestep
(while simple, the ODE I'm solving is very stiff), since the timestepping
is slowed down a lot by writing the record file and it also uses a *ton* of
disk space. I can't think of a good reason for the TS trajectory files to
be so big (after all, my state is two doubles! That's only 128 bits, plus
64 for the time!), which leaves me with two questions:
1. Is there a good reason for the files to be so big?

2. Is there a way to change that?

Thank you!

-Zane Jakobs
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