[petsc-users] KSPComputeOperator in petsc4py

Mark Cunningham mark.cunningham at ariacoustics.com
Thu Dec 26 12:34:55 CST 2019

I have an application written in python and using petsc4py.  I would like
to study the effects of different preconditioners on my eigenvalue spectrum
and thought to use KSPComputeOperator to obtain the preconditioned matrix.
This, apparently, is not disclosed through the petsc4py implementation.  I
found KSP.pyx, where I believe that the KSP object is defined, and added a
definition for the function but, after a pip install,  my updated library
still says that ksp.computeOperator is not known.  What else must I touch
to include this function?  Thanks for your help,
Mark A Cunningham, PhD  Senior Scientist
Applied Research in Acoustics LLC
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