[petsc-users] petsc under cygwin

Povolotskyi, Mykhailo mpovolot at purdue.edu
Thu Dec 5 23:39:46 CST 2019

I checked:

I cannot build C++ programs with MPI, but I can build and run C programs 
with MPI.

I have -with-log=0 because there is an overhead if many small objects 
are created, which is my case.

As for the fortran, I will remove  --with-fortran=0

On 12/5/2019 11:53 PM, Smith, Barry F. wrote:
>    Can you actually build and run C++ programs with the MPI?
> Executing: mpicxx  -o /tmp/petsc-Llvze6/config.setCompilers/conftest.exe   -fopenmp -fPIC /tmp/petsc-Llvze6/config.setCompilers/conftest.o
> Possible ERROR while running linker: exit code 1
> stderr:
> /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-pc-cygwin/7.4.0/../../../../x86_64-pc-cygwin/bin/ld: cannot find -lmpi_cxx
> collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
>            Error testing C++ compiler: Cannot compile/link Cxx with mpicxx.
>              MPI installation mpicxx is likely incorrect.
>    Use --with-mpi-dir to indicate an alternate MPI.
> Also you have  --with-fortran=0
> but --download-fblaslapack  and FOPTFLAGS=-O3
> and why do you have --with-log=0   it costs no overhead if you do not use it and is always useful for tracking performance.
>    Barry
>> On Dec 5, 2019, at 9:19 PM, Povolotskyi, Mykhailo <mpovolot at purdue.edu> wrote:
>> Dear Petsc support team,
>> for some reasons I have to build petsc under Windows.
>> I have installed Cygwin with GNU compilers and OpenMPI.
>> Unfortunately, the configuration fails with the following message:
>> TESTING: checkCxxCompiler from
>> config.setCompilers(config/BuildSystem/config/setCompilers.py:814)
>> *******************************************************************************
>>           UNABLE to CONFIGURE with GIVEN OPTIONS    (see configure.log
>> for details):
>> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> C++ compiler you provided with -with-cxx=mpicxx does not work.
>> Cannot compile/link Cxx with mpicxx.
>> I'm attaching the *.log file.
>> Please advise,
>> Michael.
>> <configure.log>

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