[petsc-users] VecView to hdf5 broken for large (complex) vectors

Sajid Ali sajidsyed2021 at u.northwestern.edu
Tue Apr 16 23:40:53 CDT 2019

> develop > 3.11.99 > 3.10.xx > maint (or other strings)
Just discovered this issue when trying to build with my fork of spack at [1

So, ideally each developer has to have their develop point to the branch
they want to build ? That would make communication a little confusing since
spack's develop version is some package's master and now everyone wants a
different develop so as to not let spack apply any patches for string
version sorted lower than lowest numeric version.

>Even if you change commit from 'abc' to 'def'spack won't recognize this
change and use the cached tarball.
True, but since checksum changes and the user has to constantly zip and
unzip, I personally find git cloning easier to deal with so it's just a
matter of preference.
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