[petsc-users] Argument out of range error only in certain mpi sizes

Sajid Ali sajidsyed2021 at u.northwestern.edu
Wed Apr 10 18:12:38 CDT 2019

Thanks a lot for the advice Matt and Barry.

One thing I wanted to confirm is that when I change from using a regular
Vec to a Vec created using DMDACreateGlobalVector, to fill these with data
from hdf5, I have to change the dimensions of hdf5 vectors from
(dim_x*dim_y) to (dim_x,dim_y), right?

Because I see that if I write to hdf5 from a complex vector created using
DMDA, I get a vector that has dimensions (dim_x,dim_y,2) but before I saw
the dimension of the same to be (dim_x*dim_y,2).

Sajid Ali
Applied Physics
Northwestern University
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