[petsc-users] TSPseudo Solution Algorithm

Mohammad Hassan Baghaei mhbaghaei at mail.sjtu.edu.cn
Fri Mar 30 03:33:21 CDT 2018


I am trying to solve system of equations using time stepping. I use
TSSetIFunction() to define the DAEs. I tried to add the xdot[] term to all
of variables. As a solution algorithm , I solved with newton line search
with ASM as a preconditioner. In the case, I want to add the xdot[] term to
only one term, energy equation, I got   PCSETUP_FAILED due to
FACTOR_NUMERIC_ZEROPIVOT and failed to solve. Do you know how I can deal
with this? So Sorry for may be confusing you with my explanation! If you
need more information of my case, let me know. Thanks for your time



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