[petsc-users] Coloring SL vs. GREEDY

Ali Berk Kahraman aliberkkahraman at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 25 04:58:18 CDT 2018

Dear All,

I have an MPI Jacobian data structure for which I want to do coloring on 
SNES. When I try MATCOLORINGGREEDY as the coloring type, it gives a 
memory allocation error I am currently unable to fix(the error is 
generated when SNESSolve calls lower level routines, I couldn't make use 
of what valgrind said). However, MATCOLORINGSL works just fine and gives 
a good result.

My question is, is there a significant cost difference between SL and 
GREEDY, as SL is a sequential algorithm where GREEDY is parallel?

Don't be confused with the memory error, it is definitely my code and 
not a bug. The simplest case with GREEDY works where SNES function is 

Best Regards,

Ali Berk Kahraman
M.Sc. Student, Mech.Eng.
Boğaziçi Uni, Istanbul, Turkey

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