[petsc-users] MatAssembly Cost Jump

Jed Brown jed at jedbrown.org
Sat Mar 24 13:47:32 CDT 2018

Have you preallocated?  Everything you are doing should take less than 1
second.  I know this is about MatSetValues, but unpacking from the stash
also takes time.


You can also try running with -matstash_bts, which will use a different
algorithm to communicate the stash.

Let us know how this works for you.

Ali Berk Kahraman <aliberkkahraman at yahoo.com> writes:

> Dear All,
> I have a sequential algorithm to determine the nonzero structure of my 
> Jacobian on my unstructured grid. The overall code goes like following,
> 1.Do other MPI stuff regarding the problem, irrelevant of this mail
> 2. If you are rank 0, set all of the nonzeros of the MPI Jacobian Matrix
> 3. MatAssemblyBegin/End, send the nonzero locations to other processes 
> from rank 0
> I have been testing the algorithm to see how long it takes on a 
> structured grid for which I know the Jacobian non-zero structure. Here 
> is where I have a question. For a square grid, 129x129 nodes making 
> 16641x16641 Jacobian Matrix, having 16641x13 nonzeros in it, step 2 
> takes 1 second and step 3 takes 2 seconds. For a square grid, 257x257 
> nodes making a 66049x66049 Jacobian matrix, having 66049x13 nonzeros in 
> it, step 2 takes 9 seconds, step 3 takes around 50 seconds.
> My question is, why does the time get multiplied by a factor of 25 while 
> the data that should be transferred only quadruples in step 3. Is this 
> expected behavior?
> Best Regards,
> Ali Berk Kahraman
> M.Sc. Student, Mechanical Engineering
> Boğaziçi Uni, Istanbul, Turkey

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