[petsc-users] error regarding filling section fields

Mohammad Hassan Baghaei mhbaghaei at mail.sjtu.edu.cn
Sun Mar 11 08:39:02 CDT 2018


I am trying to fill the global vector . Using single processor, it works
fine. However, switching to several processors, I get the error regarding
the section offset out of range for several points. The short of error
message is below. Can you let me know what causes the offset to become [0,0(
in this case and How I can solve this issue. Thanks for your time.



[1]PETSC ERROR: --------------------- Error Message

[1]PETSC ERROR: Argument out of range

[1]PETSC ERROR: Section point 1 should be in [0, 0)

[1]PETSC ERROR: #1 PetscSectionGetOffset() line 1155 in

[1]PETSC ERROR: #2 PetscSectionGetFieldOffset() line 1208 in


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