[petsc-users] Fieldsplit - Schur Complement Reduction - Efficient Preconditioner for Schur Complement

Buesing, Henrik hbuesing at eonerc.rwth-aachen.de
Wed Jul 25 03:23:53 CDT 2018

Dear all, 

I would like to improve the iterative solver [1]. As I understand it I would need to improve the preconditioner for the Schur complement. 

How would I do that? 

Thank you for your help!

-ksp_max_it 100 -ksp_rtol 1e-6 -ksp_atol 1e-50 -ksp_type fgmres -pc_type fieldsplit -pc_fieldsplit_type schur -pc_fieldsplit_schur_precondition a11 -fieldsplit_p_w_ksp_type preonly -fieldsplit_S_n_ksp_type gmres -fieldsplit_p_w_pc_type hypre -fieldsplit_p_w_pc_hypre_type boomeramg -fieldsplit_S_n_pc_type hypre -fieldsplit_S_n_pc_hypre_type boomeramg -fieldsplit_S_n_ksp_max_it 100 fieldsplit_S_n_ksp_rtol 1e-2

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