[petsc-users] Fortran: PetscScalar or double precision? Also: switch to F90 functions?

Bastian Löhrer bastian.loehrer at tu-dresden.de
Tue Jul 3 10:21:11 CDT 2018

Dear PETSc community,

I'm working with a code that uses PETSc (version 3.3). We are about to 
upgrade our code to make it compatible with PETSc 3.9 but that's another 

We have come across an issue which makes us wonder if we are handling 
the PETSc variables in the right way so it would be great if anyone of 
you could comment on the following code snippets:

We include _petsc_inlcude.h_

> ...
>        Vec :: glob_p
>        common /mpivector/  glob_p,   loc_p
> ...

in our main program file _main.F90_
> ...
> #include "./fluid/petsc_include.h"
> ...
>        PetscScalar loc_p_v(1)
>        PetscOffset loc_p_i
> ...
>        call DMCreateGlobalVector(da1dof, glob_p  , ierr)
>        call DMCreateLocalVector(da1dof,  loc_p   , ierr)
>        call VecGetArray(loc_p,    loc_p_v,    loc_p_i,   ierr)
> ...
>        call SomeSubroutine ( loc_p_v     (loc_p_i  +1) )

as well as any other files containing subroutines. The issue we have is 
the observation that it now makes a difference how the argument of the 
subroutine is declared, i.e. p does not contain the same values in both 
of the following implementations:

> subroutine SomeSubroutine( p )
>     double precision, dimension(gis:gie,gjs:gje,gks:gke) :: p

> subroutine SomeSubroutine( p )
>     PetscScalar p (gis:gie,gjs:gje,gks:gke)

This is puzzling to us, because we do have the PetscScalar configured as 
double precision real numbers.

I also noticed that we are using VecGetArray instead of VecGetArrayF90. 
Should we switch to the F90 version?

Kind regards
Bastian Löhrer
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