[petsc-users] Parallel Matrix Causes a Deadlock

Ali Berk Kahraman aliberkkahraman at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 28 13:09:30 CST 2018

Hello All,

The code takes a parallel matrix and calls a function using that matrix. 
That function fills the specified row of that matrix with the id of the 
process that part of the matrix belongs in. You can see the short code 
in the attachment, it is about 80 lines.

The problem is that the code gets into a deadlock at some point, usually 
at the last row  of each process except for the last process (greatest 
pid). I use petsc with configure options "--with-cc=gcc --with-cxx=g++ 
--with-fc=gfortran --download-mpich --download-fblaslapack".

I am a beginner with MPI, so I do not know what may be causing this. My 
apologies in advance if this is a very trivial problem.

Best Regards to All,

Ali Berk Kahraman

M.Sc. Student, Mechanical Eng.

Bogazici Uni., Istanbul, Turkey

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