[petsc-users] Is there a partition section in a distributed DM object?

Jordan Wagner j.wagner at rice.edu
Tue Jan 23 22:17:30 CST 2018


At some point, I would like to export my distributed DM along with an 
associated scalar field corresponding to the process rank for which each 
point is owned. I know that what I need is the partition section, which 
is more or less identical to Fig. 6 in Knepley and Karpeev (2009). I was 
wondering if this particular section is already made behind the scenes 
when distributing and just hiding somewhere in the DM object.

I know it shouldn't be difficult to just make the section myself, but it 
seems like something that would be needed a lot and already made. I 
haven't been successful in finding it, so I just wanted to make sure I 
am not missing anything.

Thanks very much


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