[petsc-users] Which type of matrix do I use to define my own interpolation operators in PCMG?

Ben Yee bcyee at umich.edu
Mon Aug 21 13:58:51 CDT 2017


I was wondering what type of matrix I should use if I want to define my own
interpolation matrix in PCMG.

I don't have any DM objects, and I wanted to provide the matrix entries to
the interpolation matrix manually.  Moreover, I want the coarse grid
operators to be defined via the Galerkin process, so I only need to define
the interpolation operator.  The fine grid problem/operator is defined as a
parallel sparse matrix using MATMPIAIJ.  My interpolation operator is also
parallel and sparse -- does that mean I should also use MATMPIAIJ for my
interpolation operator?

I did some digging but I couldn't find any examples where the
interpolation/restriction operators in PETSc were defined explicitly by the
user.  I also found the documentation for the matrix type MATMAIJ (
manualpages/Mat/MATMAIJ.html#MATMAIJ), which indicates that it is a
specialized matrix for interpolation/restriction operations.  However, I
also noticed that the description for MATMAIJ indicates that it will
interpolate each component the same way independently.  I do have a
multicomponent problem, but I was hoping to interpolate each component
differently -- does that mean I can't use the MATMAIJ matrix type?

If it is recommended that I use the MATMAIJ matrix type, I would like some
clarification regarding the MatCreateMAIJ function.  In particular, I'm not
really sure how the input matrix "A" (first argument of MatCreateMAIJ) is
supposed to be -- the description of MatCreateMAIJ says "the AIJ matrix
describing the action on blocks," but I don't know what that means.  The
use of MatCreateMAIJ in ex48.c is not really clear to me.

Any guidance would be much appreciated.  Thanks!

Ben Yee

NERS PhD Candidate, University of Michigan
B.S. Mech. & Nuclear Eng., U.C. Berkeley
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