[petsc-users] Trouble installing PETSc on a supercomputer

namu patel namu.patel7 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 20 19:47:00 CDT 2016

Hello All,

I am trying to PETSc 3.5.4 XSEDE Bridges. After running configure command:

./config/configure.py   --CC=mpicc --CXX=mpicxx   --FC=mpif90
 known-mpi-shared-libraries=1   --PETSC_ARCH=$PETSC_ARCH
 --with-shared-libraries  --with-debugging=0 --with-x=0  --download-hypre=1
--download-sundials=1 --download-fblaslapack=1 --with-batch

the library prompts me to do as follows:

    Since your compute nodes require use of a batch system or mpiexec you
 1) Submit ./conftest-linux-opt to 1 processor of your batch system or
system you are
    cross-compiling for; this will generate the file reconfigure.py
 2) Run ./reconfigure-linux-opt.py (to complete the configure process).

I submitted the executable  ./conftest-linux-opt to the queue using a
single process. I expected this script to only run for a few minutes and
generate the ./reconfigure-linux-opt.py file, however, it had been running
hours without generating the script (and I just terminated the job at that
point). I feel like I'm doing something wrong. Does anyone have any
suggestions on where I may have gone wrong?

Thank you,
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